Rebuilding your ride for the long haul.

Will is a focused and driven business man. His auto body shop is a small family business focused on doing right by their customer and keeping families safe. My goal for capturing dramatic images of his shop and services was to give him the visual aids to educate his clients. To show them the extensive unseen work that it takes to rebuild and repair your vehicle. There is so much training, knowledge, and skill that goes into fixing these complex machines we often take for granted.


So often we assume an auto body shop just bends the damaged car back into it's original shape or slaps a little mud into the dents - a little paint, and voila! Not the case for Will. At Wills Auto Body, bringing the vehicle back to the safety standards your car was originally designed the car for is paramount. Yes, the car will look cosmetically perfect when he's done. More importantly, the car will behave with all the intended safety features if God forbid, you get hit by another car.  Todays vehicles are made of special metal alloys, many of which aren't intended to be bent and re-bent or heated and welded. If your car doesn't react to a blow by crumpling in just the right way, then that blow is transmitted to the passenger compartment. To keep their clients safe, Will & his team have extensive training on how to handle and repair today's high tech steel and achieve that sweet spot where the car is neither too robust or too frail, each of which compromises the safety of a driver and the passengers.


This Is what gets done after a little "fender-bender"

Is it strange that we at Galen Ducey Photography love this photo below? It's an Audi SUV being repaired. This image shows a hydraulic puller arm strong enough to torque certain metals back into place. Think of what needed to be done to disassemble the car to this point, putting it all back to gather must be mind boggling.