The right dress. The right song. All the right words leading up to I do.

So many details, designed to artfully and effortlessly tell the story of you.


Your wedding photographs should be more than just photos, more than a chronicle of the day’s events. They should continue the storytelling long after the day is done. This is the legacy of a defining moment in your life. We consistently deliver artistic, beautiful, and dramatic images of real people. Not all our clients are super models, but we make all of them feel that way.

Photographers at Galen Ducey Photography are always watching for the currents that lie below the surface, looking for both the beauty in a moment and the story surrounding it. We want our clients' images to not only show who they are, what they did and where they were, but to be emotionally nuanced, hinting at things unspoken and unseen. How we make this happen?


It all begins with you.


Preparing for a wedding shoot requires more than studying the venue, understanding its gifts and challenges, and packing up my gear. We strive for a clear understanding of your vision, so we're prepared to help bring it to life in full, gorgeous color (or black and white, if you prefer). 


Here’s where we come in.


Our initial interview won’t be our only conversation. we're happy to hear from you, to answer questions, discuss concerns and, hopefully, to share some laughs along the way.

We want to get to know you, to have a sense about you – your style, your personalities – going in. We want you to be comfortable with me, because there’s a certain vulnerability to being photographed. Some of our clients want us to focus more on candid shots, to fade back into the scenery and capture moments as they unfold. Others prefer the powerful imagery that is crafted with posing and light, and some choose a mixture of both.  It’s your day. It’s your choice. You call it.


We are excellent listeners.


Galen's vast life experiences and skills as a photographer have taught him to read the environment and the light ...... as well as, people. He's always attuned to body language and gesture, quick to help diffuse tension and nerves in stressful situations, and keep things light and fun when they should be. All this translates into gloriously natural and artistic images that reflect the camaraderie, the laughter, and the joy you, your friends, and your newly joined families feel as they stand beside you on your magical day. 


So let’s talk.


You can reach Galen via the contact page or call him directly, here's his cell: (510) 332-0340.  We look forward to answering any questions you may have.




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